I mid October I set foot on India for the first time. In the first place I went there for work but fortunately could combine it with a travel. In this one month I got to experience the large span of cultural differences present in this vast country. The four days in Mumbai we used for meetings with the CSMVS in order to launch a cooperation for my exhibition on Alice Boner. In between I had a little time to see parts of the city and to once go to Elephanta and have a look at its beautiful caves. We then went further to Varanasi to visit Alice Boners former home and do an inventory. A really intense weekend in the loudest and dirtiest city I've ever been.

My vacation started with an unplanned sleepless night at Varanasi train station, where I had to wait for my 'indefinitely delayed' train to NJP (New Jalpaiguri). My train finally left with more than 12 hours delay. My friend picked me up at NJP and a shared jeep brought us up to her place in Gangtok, probably one of the cleanest cities in India. I felt much more at ease in the north and fully enjoyed my three weeks in Sikkim and Darjeeling.