10 days of sailing in February - a welcome get away from the cold european winter even though we unfortunately only had one day with really good wind. Sadly the all the corals are bleached but an astonishing variety of fish can still be seen.
We all met on Mahé at the  Eden Island Marina of Victoria, where loaded our yacht with supplies. In the evening a pick-up took us all to the north side of the island, to Beau Vallon, where we had dinner at a local market. We first sailed around Mahé, from Île St. Anne to Île Thérèse then further to Silhouette Island and got completely soaked on our little walk in the rainforest. We passed the islands Cousin and Cousine and stopped in the Baie Laraie at Curieuse and went to see the giant tortoises and the beautiful island. We did snorkle in the stingy water around St. Pierre, had a nice encounter on the privat island Grand Soeur and a wonderful nighttswim with bioluminescent plankton at Petite Anse and enjoyed the beautiful beaches on the other side of La Digue. We returned the yacht on Praslin at the Baie St. Anne and had the chance to visit the nature reserve (Fond Ferdinand) with its massive Coco de Mer.